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Copyright? OTRS?--Veli-Turo (arutelu) 17. märts 2020, kell 01:18 (EET)Vasta[vasta]

WTF OTRS? Need on tsitaadid. --Ehitaja (arutelu) 17. märts 2020, kell 01:40 (EET)Vasta[vasta]
Anyway, heippa uudelleen. --Ehitaja (arutelu) 17. märts 2020, kell 01:44 (EET)Vasta[vasta]
I don't know your copyright laws, but in Finland it's forbidden to copy so long quotes - the author should have been dead 70 years ago.--Veli-Turo (arutelu) 17. märts 2020, kell 02:03 (EET)Vasta[vasta]
There is no exact length for permitted citations; it depends on the length of the text, the context, and the need to preserve the meaning (which is also stressed by the copyright law). Every country in Europe has its own traditions, every institution has its own policies and they are often conflicting. But as these dome from a full-length novel, I'd say it should be okay, unless there is a specific, validly reasoned complain. --Ehitaja (arutelu) 17. märts 2020, kell 04:17 (EET)Vasta[vasta]
I fully accept that, but had a lot of trouble with copyrights. German and Spanish wikis are the strictiest: wrote quotes of Vonnegut, for example, and they were reverted. In Mexico the copyright exists 90 years. Those wikis even don't have many images which are everywhere else. There was a mess at fi-wikiquote a couple years ago: some editors (even an admin) began to delete articles, 'cause the author (or translator) died less than 70 years ago. On the other side, long quotes of books of Finnish presidents were left unchanged. Let's take the article Television: there would be no quotes 'cause television isn't 70 years old. Logically, I removed quotes of Aku Ankka and Hugo - and was blocked for one year. Some admins don't like difficult questions... This all is just for telling you what might happen. English wikiquote is the most liberal.--Veli-Turo (arutelu) 17. märts 2020, kell 14:04 (EET)Vasta[vasta]
No, Mexican copyright covers 100 years after the author's death. There has been a lot of fuss about copyright in Wikiquotes (in 2006, when Wikipedians were still not very well equipped for dealing with it, French Wikiquotes was even deleted and restarted). The English Wikiquotes rely on fair use which is not a part of the copyright law in most non-English speaking countries, and certainly not in the continental Europe. Every country in the EU has different laws (although 70 years post mortem is in the whole EU). In practice, most of the rules concerning citing are vague, so they depend a lot on the common practices in local Wiki-communities and their interaction with the local copyright holders. Luckily, we have two best copyright experts in Estonian Wikipedia working here in Wikiquotes. So, I'd say we are most likely ready for anything. If there are any complaints, we can discuss with the complainers and, if necessary, adapt. --Ehitaja (arutelu) 18. märts 2020, kell 21:45 (EET)Vasta[vasta]

Thank you! Wish we had experts, too. It's so sad that for example the article Tuntematon sotilas was deleted - and still now you can't link Wikipedia articles to fi-Wikiquote. Absurd!--Veli-Turo (arutelu) 18. märts 2020, kell 22:04 (EET)Vasta[vasta]