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Viimase kommentaari postitas Pseudacorus 4 aasta eest.

Malli sõnastust tuleb muuta. "Friedebert Tuglas kohta" ei kõlba kuskile. Andres 5. november 2006, kell 14:47 (UTC)

Päiseikoon on siin minu meelest pigem liialdus. Tavapäraselt on käivad ikoonid selles kohas lehe enda kohta. Pikne 14. veebruar 2020, kell 13:12 (EET)

see mall tundub vajalik üksnes mobiilvaates. Muidu on menüüs ju interviki-peedia olemas. --WikedKentaur (arutelu) 15. mai 2020, kell 20:36 (EEST)Vasta

Do you want to remove all the hundreds of thousands linkboxes (wikiquote, commons, wikisource etc.)? Either we use the boxes or don't use e'm at all.--Vilho-Veli (arutelu) 16. mai 2020, kell 01:44 (EEST)Vasta
Well, I have been adding them, mostly because I can never remember that Wikipedia links are now in the menu on the left via Wikidata. Even when in the end of the article, a box is more noticeable than one little blue row among the others. I's suppose that the Wikipedia entry of a person or theme is much more useful for the users than most other links in the menu among which it is hidden. That, of course, is 1) a question of design and 2) speculation, because we don't have any actual idea what users really want or do here (not only because we have no users, we also never asked and I doubt anyone in any language has done any kind of serious user research specifically for Wikiquotes). Total removal would also be somewhat problematic because due to the large difference in the degree of article separation between Wikiquotes and Wikipedia (and, to a lesser amount, Wikisource), it sometimes may make more sense to link to another item that is separate in Wikidata (but would still be clearly connected for any human mind). Also, there is the problem on ca 700+ non-WD-linked pages here (I really wish there'd be some semi-automatic way to handle those all, it's a serious chore if done by hand). If there is no WD, there is no WP in the menu. --Ehitaja (arutelu) 16. mai 2020, kell 16:16 (EEST)Vasta
Especially when using mobile phone the linkboxes are much better.--Vilho-Veli (arutelu) 16. mai 2020, kell 20:46 (EEST)Vasta
Pooldan Vikipeedia malli kasutamist. Ega me seda projekti endale tee, väljastpoolt tulija vaevalt vasakpoolses veerus Vikipeedia linki märkab. Pseudacorus (arutelu) 17. mai 2020, kell 21:04 (EEST)Vasta