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Only SOURCED opinions are accepted.

Dear Risto!

  1. Opinions as a type of quotes make no sense. All citations are someone's opinions.
  2. "Opinion" in Estonian is "arvamus". "Opinions" is "arvamused". "Arvamuse" is genitive, and genitives are not used as pagenames in Wikipedia system, including Wikiquotes. --Ehitaja (arutelu) 7. aprill 2019, kell 23:41 (EEST)

Sorry that I can't Estonian language better! The purpose of this site is to help people to find the essential "arvamused" quickly. All citations truly are someone's opinions, but these are in the form X = Y ("Love is blind!") to make the alphabetical order possible. Thanks!--Risto hot sir (arutelu) 9. aprill 2019, kell 02:01 (EEST)

Well, I knew that "opinions" means "arvamused", but in Finnish it's "mielipiteet", that's all opinions - which is impossible to reach. That's why tried to translate "mielipiteitä" (not necessarily all opinions). The problem at Vikitsitaadid is that you mostly don't have sources - the Finnish quotes have - so I placed these quotes to one site; spread allover would mean that Finnish would dominate Estonian Wq, which wouldn't be proper. Average Estonians understand Finnish better than I Estonian.--Risto hot sir (arutelu) 9. aprill 2019, kell 13:08 (EEST)
"Not necessarily all opinions" would be "Arvamusi" - partitive in plural, just like in Finnish, not "Arvamuse" which, translated back, would be "Mielipiteen" (genitive singular). In Wikipedia, though, nominative names are often used instead of partitive forms, as it is considered common understanding that Wikipedia will never be finished anyway. --Ehitaja (arutelu) 14. mai 2019, kell 14:58 (EEST)

Üldiselt tuleks see lehekülg laiali lammutada. Tundub, et enamik siinsetest tsitaatidest võiks Vikitsitaatides eestikeelsetena olla, ent kohati tuleks nende originaali otsimisega vist küll rohkem vaeva kui sama autori lehekülje loomisega nullist peale. --Ehitaja (arutelu) 14. september 2019, kell 02:11 (EEST)--Ehitaja (arutelu) 14. september 2019, kell 02:11 (EEST)